The Story

The business is owned and operated by husband and wife, Zack and Heather Whisenand, and they operate out of the business’ food truck located on South Main Street in Lamar. The couple began the business as a catering business, serving hamburgers at private and public events.

Zack Whisenand studied Culinary Arts in college and has wanted to put those skills to use and has enjoyed cooking for many years, noted the business owner. He would cook for friends and family and received many compliments on his food. Starting a restaurant is something he and his wife had talked about over the past few years, and he knew he had a knack for cooking, though he was employed full time in Lamar.

So the couple decided to start the business as a part-time venture when they purchased the food truck. Lamar Days in May 2018 was one of the first public events for the new business and would give them a push to provide catering services for events, noted the couple. The Lamar Days event also provided them the opportunity to see the success their business could have. The plans are to continue to grow the business and open in a bigger location.

For those eating at Dub Burgers for the first time, patrons can expect to eat fresh food. The food isn’t frozen and everything is cooked to order. In fact, one of their more popular items or hamburger toppings, is the green chili, and it is made fresh each day.


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